photo by Andi Harman

Bukkake Moms

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final line-up:
Reece McLean - guitar, vocals, clarinet
Kenny Failes - bass, vocals, keyboards
Beth Dodds - drums, vocals, keyboards
Andrew Stolfa - bass
Rick Eye - guitar
Sam Friedland - drums, percussion, electronics
Erik Mott - bassoon


Raisins (October 4th 2019) [Decoherence Records]
Live at City Tavern 12/14/2013 (February 2nd 2018)
Last Macaroni Island+ (February 6th 2017)
Thanksgiving with the Clowns (May 18th 2016) [VINYL on That's Cool Records]
Landfill III (August 20th 2015)
Landfill II (August 20th 2015)
Live Rubber Gloves 05-30-13 (July 2015)
The Chronic (August 1th 2014)
Michael Briggs (November 20th 2013)
Big Cum (August 27th 2013)
Live at Macaroni Grill (April 2nd 2013) (April 5th 2013)
Philosophical Perversion (August 27th 2012)
Live at Rubber Gloves (December 4th 2011) (May 30th 2012)
Landfill I (June 23rd 2011)
Hoping for Murder (April 21st 2011)
Not Your Boner Bro and Other Delights (December 31st 2010)
Bukkake Moms (December 17th 2010)
Kill My Ass (August 13th 2010)